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Fingershield Device. Colour White

The test rig used is of wooden construction. It consists of a hardwood door and frame, and is supported by metal struts to keep it rigid. The rig is powered by pneumatic cylinders to open the door of the rig which is controlled electronically so that the rigs opening speed and dwell (a pause after each open and close operation) can be adjusted. The door is closed by a “Door control unit (Door Closer)”.

The rig for the test was set to a speed which achieved approximately eleven thousand cycles per day.

The opening angle of the door is between 70 and 80 degrees. The reason for this is that the rig is also testing Stainless Steel butt hinges to monitor their rate of wear when the ‘back check ‘ facility of the door closer is activated, this facility is adjusted to its maximum and therefore prevents the door opening to 90 degrees.

The Fingershield was fitted to the door and frame in accordance with the fitting instructions supplied, and fixed to the door and frame with the 3/8″ No.4 self tapping screws provided.

The test was started on 9th of March 2000.

The number of cycles to date, 3rd October 2000 is 1,800,000.At this time there has not been any breakage or splitting of the Fingershield device.