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UL Test Report

Extracted from the report of the results of the fire test carried out by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) on Fingershield™ Push-side and Pull-side door finger guards File R21618 Page Ci1 issued; 2004-02-25 GENERAL This investigation was initiated for the sole purpose of determining the performance under a standard fire exposure test of front and rear anti [...]

COVID-19 Update

  We will be continuing to operate as normal during the current COVID-19 epidemic and we are currently still shipping all orders on time. As the situation is changing on a daily basis please be aware that shipping and delivery times may take longer than usual subject to our carriers. If this is the case, […]

Finger-Trapping Accidents of 2019

It is something which is often overlooked when it comes to safety inspections – but it shouldn’t be ignored. Young children are the most at risk of finger-trapping accidents which can often result in fingers being severed, life-long damage and limitations, expensive medical bills for the family and legal action taken against the school or […]

What to Do if a Child at Your Daycare Traps a Finger in a Door

  Recently, a 2-year-old boy lost his fingertip in a door whilst at daycare. A surgeon was luckily able to re-attach the severed fingertip under general anaesthesia. Since the incident, however, the daycare’s license was suspended. No door finger guards were installed at the time of the accident. A door-related injury occurs every four minutes […]

Finger-Trapping Accidents that Have Occurred in Schools

Finger-trapping accidents have happened to children as young as two and as old as eleven. Children are most at risk to finger-trapping accidents due to their vulnerability and more often than not, this results in fingers being severed causing life-long damage. With children the most at risk to finger-trapping accidents, it makes sense that the […]

The Most Recent Cases of Finger-Trapping Accidents in Schools and Day Cares

  The risk of finger-trapping accidents occurring with doors that do not have covered hinges or door stoppers in place is always present – but the risk is much more heightened in educational settings like schools and daycare centers. Young children are most at risk of finger-tripping accidents which can often result in fingers being […]

Child Care Centers: Is Your Door Safety Good Enough?

At Fingershield™ LLC, we care about the safety of our children – of all children – and it’s our mission to ensure that they are as safe as possible, especially when at daycare or pre-school. It’s something which is often overlooked during frequent health and safety risk assessments: Doors. In 2017, the BBC and the Atlanta […]

15,000 Children Injured from Falls from Window Each Year

According to Primary Children’s Hospital, nearly 15,000 children are injured every year in the US due to a fall from a window, with 15 – 20 children being fatally injured from a fall. A study by investigators at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in 2011 found that children ages 4 and younger account for 65% of hospitalizations […]

Cardea Premium Window Restrictor

Cardea Premium Window Restrictor The Premium Window Restrictor from Cardea Solutions prevents falls out of windows by restricting how far a window can open. Preventing potentially fatal falls from windows, these window restrictors are ideal for use in healthcare establishments, schools, child care centers, hotels and in residential settings. The window restrictor can be used [...]