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Fingershield™ Push-side Wide-Model Door Finger Guard


This innovative product prevents finger and hand injuries occurring at the hinge-side of the Push-side of a door that opens to 180 degrees by covering the gap created between the door and the door-frame as the door is opened.

Prevent finger, hand and head injuries from occurring on the Pull-side side of a door by also installing a Pull-side door finger guard.



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The Fingershield™ Push-side Wide-Model door finger guard prevents finger and hand injuries occurring at the hinge-side of the Push-side of a door that opens 180 degrees by covering the gap created between the door and the door-frame as the door is opened.

Doors that open 180 degrees are in most cases Emergency exit doors and have a panic-bar / push-bar installed.

To install the Fingershield™ Push-side Wide-Model door finger guard requires a gap of at least 2½ inches between the end of the panic-bar / push-bar and the door-frame when the door is shut.


Fingershield™ door finger guards: The Number One Door Safety Solution

Injuries caused by fingers and hands getting squashed in doors are all too common – however they are preventable. That’s why the Fingershield™ door finger guards were invented in 1999.

Since then more than a million door finger guards have been installed in over 8,000 Schools and Child Care Centers and numerous YMCAs, Military bases, Gymnasiums, Supermarkets, Fast Food Restaurants, Leisure Centers, and family oriented Clubs in the UK, Europe and the USA

They are easy to install, to remove and re-install for maintenance, and are a simple and practical solution to prevent accidents and comply with health and safety requirements.

Prevent accidents on your premises

Get peace of mind by installing Fingershield™ Push-side, Push-side Wide model and Pull-side door finger guards and Happy Hands Door Stoppers to your doors.

They prevent hand and finger injuries on the Push-side, Pull-side and Latch side of your doors.

Strong and Durable for long-lasting safety

Fingershield™ door finger guards are made of high-quality uPVC and nitrile rubber.

During tests carried out by an independent third party, a Fingershield™ Push-side door finger guard showed no signs of wear or potential failure after the completion of 1.8 million door opening and closing cycles. That’s why from the very beginning we’ve provided our customers with a 10-Year Warranty on all of our door finger guards.

Fingershield™ door finger guards are UL Certified for use with UL Classified Fire Doors and Frames rated up to 4 hours (4h).

Color Options

Door finger guards in the following colors are kept in stock in our warehouse facility in Jacksonville, Florida. White, Brown and Black.

Easy to Maintain

Once installed, Fingershield™ door finger guards need little in the way of maintenance. A quarterly inspection to check they are functioning properly and that all the screws are securely in place is all that is required. They are easy to keep clean too – just wipe them down with a damp cloth during your general cleaning routine.


  • 83 inches in length (for an 84inch door).
  • For use on 80 inch doors please cut to 79 inches using strong pair of scissors or snips.


  • White


  • uPVC rigid sections.
  • Nitrile rubber flexible sections.
  • Calcium-zinc stabilized medium impact materials.
  • Neither material contains cadmium or lead. 


  • Acts as an effective secondary smoke inhibitor and draft excluder.
  • UL 4h fire rating.
  • Available for use on rising butt hinge doors.

Installation Instructions


Installation Instructions video for a Push-side door finger guard

Satisfied Customers

We’re confident our products are designed and built to the highest standards. And we’re not the only ones. Read testimonials from some of our happy clients.

“We are really pleased with our decision and fully recommend the products and the company. The builder who installed them for us described the products as being extremely well designed, of excellent quality, very easy and very quick to install and the best product of this type he had worked with. At all times Fingershield dealt with us in a professional, ethical and business like manner and, as they say on their web-site, they are a socially responsible organization supplying a socially responsible product.”

Barry Meil, Winwood Children’s Center 

“The products we received were extremely well designed, of excellent quality and very easy to install. After having them installed for two weeks we made the decision to order Fingershield Push-side and Pull-side door hinge guards for all of our 150 doors.”

Rhonda Olivencia, Facilities Manager, Block Institute, Brooklyn, New York

“Recently a little girl caught her finger in our kitchen door and we had to take her to the emergency room for stitches, she is doing very well now, but we want to prevent this from happening again.  Thank you very much for helping us keep our kids safe, it means a great deal to us.”

Dee Shultz, Boys & Girls Clubs of Weld County, Greeley, Colorado

“Thanks so much for your quick and very thorough follow up to my call yesterday. I even called Rhonda at the Block Institute, and she had nothing but good things to say about you, your company, and products. I have forwarded the information on to my hospital customer. I definitely will keep your products in mind when other opportunities arise (and I know they will!).”

Blake Nelson, End User Consultant, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Minnesota

“Thank you so much. You have made my day that much brighter!”

Lauren O’Shea, Director of Health & Safety, Hildebrandt Learning Centers, LLC.

Additional information

Weight1.00 lbs

79 Inch (For 80 Inch Door), 83 Inch (For 84 Inch Door)