Happy Hands™ Door Stopper

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Happy Hands™ Door Stopper

Fingershield™ have a tradition of developing award-winning finger protection products for the Hinge-side of a door.

With a growing demand from our customers to supply latch-side finger protection and after years of product development we are proud to present the Happy Hands™ Door Stopper.

The Happy Hands™ Door Stopper is fixed to the door with an adhesive pad and once in place can be rotated 180 degrees to prevent a door from being shut.

To allow the door to be shut, rotate The Happy Hands™ Door Stopper to its original position.

Available in a range of bright colors: Blue, Green, Red Yellow, Pink and White.

12 month Warranty.

All you need to know about the Happy Hands™ Door Stopper

Happy Hands Door Stopper


  • Prevents hand and finger injuries at the latch-side of a door.
  • Innovative rotate On/Off design.
  • Attaches to door with 3M tape.
  • Available in 6 colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and White).
  • 12 months Manufacturers Warranty.

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