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About Fingershield™ LLC – The Door Safety Specialists

We proudly serve North America from our Head Office and Warehouse facility in North East Florida.

We are passionate in our approach to providing total customer satisfaction. We are a socially responsible organization supplying a socially responsible product.

Fingershield™ door safety products have prevented thousands of people of all ages from suffering the pain and distress caused by a finger, hand or head injury.

Injuries that have already prohibited many people from pursuing their chosen careers/hobbies.

Freddie Fingershield

Our History

Fingershield™ Safety (UK) Ltd. has been providing innovative security products for more than 18 years. They are the largest supplier of door safety products to schools and child care centers in the United Kingdom.
They have sold their products through Authorized Resellers such as Fingershield™ LLC, to thousands of customers in the UK, Europe and North America.
The first Fingershield™ door finger guards were shipped in the United Kingdom in 1999. Thanks to their simple design, ease of installation and unique 10 Year Warranty, they soon became the market leader.

Since 1999, over 3 MILLION have been installed world-wide.

The first shipment in North America took place in the USA in 2004.

Fingershield™ LLC became their Authorized Reseller in North America in 2012 and have over 1,500 customers located in 50 States in the USA and Canada; they include State and Government facilities, YMCAs, Military bases, Child Care Centers, Churches, Hospitals, Restaurants, Leisure and Fitness Centers, Commercial and Retail premises and Door and Door Hardware Distributors.

Fingershield™ Door Finger Guard Testing and Certification

Independent Durability Test

During tests carried out by an independent testing organization, a Fingershield™ Push-side door finger guard showed no sign of wear or any potential failure after 1.8 million door opening and closing cycles.
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Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certification

Fingershield™ door finger guards underwent a rigorous testing program carried out by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

They passed all the tests and are UL Certified for use with UL Classified Fire Doors and Frames rated up to 4 hours (4h).
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