How Finger Pinch Accidents Happen and How to Avoid Them

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Finger pinch accidents are a common occurance in domestic and commercial settings such as schools and day care centers. These type of accidents are very distressing for both the child and the adult who then has to ensure they get the correct medical attention in the event of a severe trap.

How does it happen?

Fingers are caught between the door and the frame near the handle or the frame on the hinge side, or fingers are caught in a closing drawer or a car door.

Why does it happen?

Doors are shut on someone’s fingers by mistake, because people don’t realise that fingers are not clear of the door.
Children are playing or fighting and they slam a door to shut each other in or out of a room, without knowing that fingers are going to get trapped.

The wind can blow a door shut before fingers are out of the way.

Drawers or car doors are shut by someone else before fingers can be removed.

How to avoid it

Be aware of the danger and make your children aware

‘Mind your fingers’ – as an adult take great care around shutting doors and drawers in the home or when closing car doors and encourage children to do the same.

Take extra precautions by fitting finger guards

There are two types – those that fit on the latch side of the door, which stops a door completely closing (but the majority of these should be removed at night so that you can shut doors in case of fire) and those that fit on the hinge side of the door and fill the gap between the door and the frame so fingers cannot get into the space.