Common Areas For Finger Trapping Incidents

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Door Hinge
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Finger-trapping accidents are more common than many people are aware, with the most common areas where injuries have been caused as follows:

Hinge Cavity
A large exposed area within the hinge where fingers can be trapped. A door closing exerts a pressure of approximately 32,000 pounds per square inch. A Fingershield Push-side door finger guard installed here can prevent a potentially severe accident.

Hinge Pin Side
There is a small gap here and a need to protect little fingers that may wander there.  A Fingershield Pull-side door finger guard can easily be fitted to make this area safe for little hands.

Playground Gates
Often heavy with spring loaded shutting mechanisms in order to ensure they stay shut to keep children from straying, gates are a common cause of finger-trapping and even severing incidents.

Fingershield™ LLC offer a range of door safety finger guards designed to cover all of these common areas that pose a hazard to children.

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