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Hand Injury
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If not treated quickly, serious finger injuries can lead to permanent deformity and loss of function. In this case, the prevention is better than the cure.

Trapping a finger in an unguarded doorway can have the following consequences…

Cuts – A cut may only go through skin, or it may cut through blood vessels, nerves, and tendons that lie just under the skin causing loss of sensation or even loss of use.

Avulsions – part of the skin or soft tissue is torn off. This can cause pain, a long healing time and if not treated promptly, infections can occur in the skin.

Amputation – tissue is completely cut or torn away from the finger.

Fingernail injuries – The fingernail and the underlying nail bed are the most commonly injured part of the hand. If a fingernail is injured by a direct blow, the underlying bone may also be broken.

Fractures (broken bone) – A fracture of a finger bone may be an isolated injury, but it is often associated with injury to tendons, ligaments, fingernails, or other soft tissue.

Dislocation – A dislocation is an injury to a joint that causes a bone to move out of its normal alignment with another bone. Finger dislocations commonly happen as a result of a direct blow to the finger.  Usually a dislocation causes damage to the surrounding ligaments, which are stretched and remain damaged even after the dislocation is put back in place.

Ligament injuries (sprains) – Ligaments are the tough tissues holding two bones together at a joint.  A ligament may be torn by the force of the impact, leaving the joint unstable and prone to further injury.

Nerve injuries – Sensation to the finger is supplied by two nerves, one running along each side of the finger.  Damaging the nerve can cause numbness on the side of the finger supplied by the nerve. This can lead to difficulties when writing, using cutlery or simple everyday things such as buttoning up a shirt.

Taking small steps to prevent injuries can avoid long-term damage such as those above.

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